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Hard work pay off

In a small town in the middle of Sweden where the snow lay white and sub zero temperatures  is the reality outside, Power By Johan gives birth to a uniqe beast, the Dodge Charger RTR by PbJ. If the team isn´t satisfied with the progress of todays work, they stay during the late hours just to keep the build on track and as sheduled. Still a lot of focus on fitting and style in the engine room is taking place. But in order to stay ahead all other tasks to ready make the build is also attended by the team. Since a time ago we have really shifted up in to top gear to be able to show you the progress from last year on the Bilsport Performance & Custom show in Jönköping, Sweden the 25-28th of march 2016.

Welcome to Turtle Wax stand on the show to say hello and check out our work!