Powered by Johan – Johan Eriksson

“Dear child has many names,” it is said, and it also reflected on Johan who locally is more popularly known as “Volvo Johan”, “Viper- or Charger-Johan” and other nick names he imposed over the years by various social circles. Johan has since childhood been fascinated by everything with an engine and began customize both bikes, mopeds and later cars at an early age. Johan won, among others Elmia Styling Price already back in 1994 with a, for that time heavily modified Mercedes 300 coupe -88.

While growing up in the county Värmland, Sweden with it´s deep forests the burning desire for the American muscle car culture, primarily Mopar with their big engines and heavy attribute compressors and headers was born inside him.

Through the years, Johan has built several priced builds in different categories, but it is the heavy customized and tuned Dodges he has built over the last 10 years he is most recognized of.

Johan is a visionary who is constantly looking for new challenges and continuing thinking about new projects that sometimes is realized and sometimes stops at the thought.

Powered by Johan is built upon fellowship

– This is not a one man show!
In order to get Johan´s ideas to reality takes both skills, time, blood sweat and tears from all involved. Johan is the master mind behind the design and construction of all his builds, and is also most involved in every part of manufacturing  during all the process and has the last call in everything. But without a team around him, it would be impossible to create what they do. And here is where the strength of a true camaraderie comes in. A build like the RTR involves so much people to make it a reality. All from sponsors, sub-contractors of parts not possible to solve in house, to friends who marshal with anything from transporting a piece from A to B in the middle of the night in order to get the car ready. But there is a core that has more hours in the garage then in their home the last years that needs to get full credit as well in order to make the RTR project to what it is.

Johan Eriksson

Head of design, part of manufacturing team and front figure of Powered by Johan

Jörgen Persson

Head of manufacturing, sheet metal and mechanics with team of Svegs Bil & Plåt AB

Otto Tillander

Head of CNC-machining, also involved in manufacturing and detail design all created within NOCT Design

Michael Nyberg

CEO Profil46/ Manager of the fellowship behind brand Powered by Johan
Project leader, business & partner contacts, marketing and strategic, (also functions as utility-man)