Merry Christmas & happy New year

Thanks to all of you that we have met on different car shows, cruising lanes, car festivals or other events troughout the year of 2015. Thanks also to all of you both inside and outside the crew around Johan, no one named, no one forgotten. All of you is true gems and truly good friends that helps us strive ahead.

The year 2015 has bin an exiting year where the next project build RTR took of for real. 
If all goes as planned we have a super exinting 2016 ahead with both uncovering the new RTR project, but also a whole bunch of other activities, so keep out for more from us!

Merry Christmas & and happy new year to you all!
From Johan with Crew!

Touchdown in Essen

The show is now a building site but as the hours go the big puzzle lays on place. We are exited to meet the public that is estimated to be around 300 000 interested souls.

Last touches before Essen Motorshow 2015

Johan in action!

Last weekend a new design on the diffusor of the Viper GTS was modified, painted and mounted. Let´s see what you all think of it at the Essen Motorshow up coming week.
The Black Charger and the Viper GTS will be loaded in to trailer this week and the travel down to Essen, Germany starts on wednesday. Hope to see a few of you on place.

Next event Essen Motorshow 2015

Picture from Bodense 2013 

In end of this year we hope for a new blast with joyful crowds who will reward  our work on The black Charger in 2014 of all visitors.  The crowd just went ballistic when we fired up the engine and played AC DC on the stereo at full volume. The atmosphere turned in to a great party.
Meet us there!
On inivitation we will attend with both the Charger and the Viper GTS. Welcome by us to check out the cars and talk with the team.

Thank´s Viper Club Nordic!

What a gathering!
Even if my own Dodge Viper GTS broke down during the races on saturday this event is most joyfull. Where else can you find a group of people that during day time races their Vipers and the other invited car owners with other brands, and on night during the barbecue party at my garage helps me to sort out the clutch that broke down. Thank you all for a super weekend!
Below a few pic´s from the barbecue party!
# Johan Eriksson