Dodge Charger RT/R -68

During a decade, In a s small town in central Sweden, a masterpiece with detail and craftsmanship beyond what is called sanity has evolved under the hands of owner Johan Eriksson and his friends Jörgen and Otto, who all is the core team of this project. A fellowship named Powered By Johan. The RT/R is project in cooperation with Turtle Wax Sweden and with support of a bunch of others to make it a reality.

The idea of the RT/R was to mix the original Mopar spirit with a bit of “Hot Wheels appearance” but still keep the soul of what the American muscle ikon Dodge Charger -68 stands for, but transform it to a super modern sports car with extreme performance, stance and styling according from Johan´s own design and ideas.

Specification – Dodge Charger RT/R -68


V10 Dodge Viper engine generation 2, 2007. Callies connecting rods, JE pistons, 4.001 drilled. LSM Camshaft, Manley valve springs, T&D roller rockers, MaxxECU engine steering, Twin Borg Warner ESR turbo´s.

Not benched yet but well over 4 figure is the goal.

Strength Viper clutch, custom cardan shaft, 6 speed manual Tremec gearbox, shortened drive axels own produced.

Modified chassi all over with own developed sub frames. AirRex air ride system.

Front brakes: 420mm carbon ceramic with 8 piston calipers from Bentley Continental GT
Rear brakes: 381mm carbon ceramic Corvette ZR1 front discs with 6 piston calipers

Almost every part of the car is massaged, broadened, cropped, tilted, sectioned or in other way modified.

Wheels and rims:
One of a kind rims measuring 24″x15,5″ in the back & 22”x11” in the front, milled out of 900kg Swedish high quality aluminum. Tires Pirelli P Zero 295/30-22 front, 405/25-24 rear.

Custom paint Debeer, red, black, silver and gold mixed.

One of a kind own designed and produced with aluminum details all over the car milled out from over 6,500 pounds raw material, Custom made roll cage upholstered in leather, One of a kind dashboard and gages custom developed with details matching the RT/R, Custom made leather interior 2+2 bucket seats with aluminum console to fit the driveline and gearbox.

Pioneer DEX-P99RS head unit, a couple of TS-C132PRS 5,25” speakers in dashboard, TS-C272PRS 6,5” kit in doors, 2 TS-SW2502S4 in kick panels,  A pair of TS-C232PRS 5,25” kit and  3 TS-SW2502S4 subwoofers in rack beneath rear window behind back seats, A pair  of TS-C232PRS 5,25” kit in trunk, 9 PRS-D800 amps and one SPC5010 capacitor, Stinger cables, Sound by LarsK Design.

Thanks to:
Thanks to all my fantastic wonderful car-crazy partners and friends providing to make the RT/R reality! Special thanks to SEAB/ Turtle Wax who´s been a partner at my side since the first beginning of this project!


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