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“Mopar at the strip” award winner!

Johan Eriksson’s Home of muscle cars!

There are still details to be adjusted but it already contains everything and then some to a petrol head can wish for. The garage has both a well-equipped workshop area with lift, a showroom department and a Mopar bar where Johan now and then throws a party with his friends.

Last night Profil46 arranged a photo session in the garage to get some environmental pictures of the garage. Photographer Petter Johansson was used and with so many goodies to lay eyes on it did nothing that it took an extra hour or two …
More garages pictures will published on Powered By Johan website later.

The reception of the RTR project is amazing! Day 3 opens now…

Johan Eriksson’s Dodge Charger RTR “Under Construction” was again the centerpoint in the well crowded Turtle Wax stand at Bilsport Performance and Custom Show this weekend.

Turtle Wax/SEAB launched the “Vägen till Las Vegas”(”Road to Las Vegas”) project name this weekend. Behind the car a movie was projected to show Johan’s background as a car builder and key elements of the RTR project such as supercar performance, innovative design and master craftsmanship. The movie was produced and edited by Profil46 with photos from the build process and action footage of Johan’s earlier cars. 

The reception from the crowd has just been amazing. If you want to see the car live it is possible until Monday as the Bilsport Performance and Custom Show is open through the Easter weekend.

Last minute activity before Performance show 2015

The work is in full speed to get the project to the state the crew want´s it in before departure towards the show in a few days.Johan with crew will attend in person in the booth along with partner representatives from Turtle Wax in their stand B05:60. Welcome to see how the progress continues!

Continuous updates on the RTR project

It’s the details that make the big picture!
It is also consistent with the RTR project that during the winter undergone a phase of hundreds of hours of work that not always are visible with the naked eye. To put those hours to build, customize and fit for example a bumper, is only made if you have a clear goal with your work. Not taking shortcuts is the key, even though it will take one week extra to achieving the goals to create a unique car based on the vision Johan once formed in his head and now realizes.