Not yet….

Photo: Barry Li

Since then the requests of us attending with the RTR project on different shows and arenas drop in on daily basis. Due to that we feel that we have to announce that the RTR will not be shown again before it´s fully ready.

After a few weeks rest since the show we are now planning the last legs of the builds along with partners and team. By that said we are very flattered of the interest of having the RTR on different happenings. But in order to follow this through we need to friendly decline our presence to all of you at the moment in order to give ourselves a fair chance to make it ready as soon as possible. We will announce where and when that will be along with our partner Turtle Wax further on.

// Johan with team and partners

The Dodge Charger RTR image movie on request

Home again after attending the Bilsport Performance & Custom show with my Dodge Charger -68 RTR along with my team and Turtle Wax/ SEAB. That a car that is not more than half ready could get this amazing attention really blow my mind. That it would get cheering from the crowd we all understood though in our own eyes it´s a build with extreme high quality where I have not allowed any short cuts from my vision of what to be.

The fact that we contributed on the show out of competition with a half ready project with mock up wheels and still received Hot Rod TV celebrity “Richard Rawlings Special Award 2016” known from Gas Monkey Garage and TV-show Fast ´n loud, that also several times offered me to buy it from me. We also received Peoples choice in the category “Performance” by the jury just show us how great impact this project makes. The jury told us that it has never happened earlier that a not ready built car attending the show out of competiton recieved a jury price, but they just could not overlook the fact that how it looked. And that is really something we appreciates from them and show how uniquely this project really is.

Check out the second version here of Turtle Wax image movie of the Dodge Charger RTR project here that was created by Profil46. The movie was displayed in the showcase for the crowd to really get an understanding of the amount of work from smallest detail in this project to get it where it is right now, still only half finished. Yet we have a lot of work left to do but with both my team, family, friends and partners as Turtle Wax we are most confident that we will fulfill my vision as planned.

Thank you all for the cred we got from you all!
// Johan Eriksson with team and partners

Thank you all!

Picture above: Not everyone but almost of the crew supporting me in the project Dodge Charger RTR

Yesterdays unvailing of the project Dodge Charger RTR “still under construction” would not have happend without my team, friends, sponsors and supporters. Every project has it´s own charm and creates friends and memories for life. My earlier builds as the Viper GTS and the Black Charger -68 was only possible to be reality thanks to all my friends and partners along the line. No one mentioned or forgotten but you all know who you are. Some has bin involved a way or another in all projects, and some in just parts of one of them.

Of cource everyone understands that this is the case also in this RTR project.  Regardless your position, amount of work or role in this project, thank you all from the bottom of my hart! This journey with all of you so far in this has bin a blast from the start. This project would never had seen the daylight without you all. You are the best! 

The three musketeers and most central figures in the project Dodge Charger RTR, from left Otto Tillander NOCT, Johan Eriksson Designer, owner and boss, Jörgen Persson Svegs Bil & Plåt.

The last couple of weeks my teamleaders and skilled craftsmen above and their co-workers has made a work effort beyond all limits. 
Still we have a ton of work left do to to get it in the condition we want it to be to meet up with our own branding, the RTR ( Road, Track & Racing). But with this back up everything is possible!

My team and Turtle Wax crew are ready to give you all the details in this build so far in Turtle Wax stand on the car show Bilsport Performance & Custom show  at Elmia Jönköping, Sweden this weekend.  Welcome to drop by and say high!


Custom parts all over

Above: A few custom milled and designed engine parts

Every car builder regardless level of profession knows that to get from idea to finished product craves different amounts of own development. In team Powered By Johan`s Dodge Charger RTR project a ton of details creates the complete product, all from Johan´s own ideas of function and design. All detail design is also truly worked trough with high focus of function and performance. All you hobby builders out there know how easy it is to create hundred of hours  on a tiny detail in your goal to reach your level of perfection. That´s also the case here at PbJ.
If wanted, please share with us of your own car hobby details that more often than less, turns to hour eating monsters but often developes to what we want them to be. The is no short cut to perfection, just hard work!

Below you see a few different details that will be or already are mounted on the car.

Above: Unique door mirror design for the RTR

Above: “One of a kind” rim under production designed by PbJ

Above: subframes for both engine and powertrain for the RTR project.

A milestone is reached!

Full speed ahead in the garage 24/7 pays off and is so much needed to be able to get the project in phase according to where it needs to be to attend the Bilsport Performance and Custom show in a few weeks. The team lays all their effort and soul to get the job done and right now several tasks is solved simultaneously on both body, chassi, engine and more.

The body is now lifted so the final touches can be done effective and precise as Johan demand. Soon the last part of the paintjob starts to give this brutal gem the shine it deserves.

The roll cage is now installed and the heavy duty transmission tunnel really takes it place inside the cockpit.  Above that there is a bit of final welding here end there and after that one more task can be marked “checked” on the to do list.