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Meet us at Oslo Motorshow 2016!

Powered By Johan´s project Dodge Charger RTR in cooperation with Turtle Wax is still in under construction. Last time the project was displayed was at Bilsport performance show 2016 where the project was welcomed as a total success. The project got rewarded with both “Peoples choice” and Richard Rawling (from Gas Monkey Garage in US) “Special Award”.  And that for a car only half ready!
Since then the project has gone in to next level with focus of function and design of interior and details all over the car. Luna with their wide range of concepts and brands is now involved from the tool angle of the RTR project.
“ -In order to be able to manufacture a car like this we need best technical tools and equipment to do so.  To have possibility to use the 3D printer to test out our ideas to the fullest before milling the actual piece in the CNC-machine is a key factor. That gives us both better view of the build in detail as long as it both speeds up the process and helps to keep the economy in balance” says Johan.

Also multiple standard tools is used on a daily basis to create all the sheet metal work inside and outside the car. Luna  with their brand Teng Tools wants to give the visitors at Oslo Motorshow 2016 a glimse of what their tool products can produce in the right hands. Johan with his team and Turtle Wax is showing the project so far in the Luna / Teng Tool stand. Johan with team will show  the process it takes to take a part of the car from design idea to actual product using both 3D printer, CNC engineering and hand held tools.
Welcome to Oslo Motor Show to see the detail work behind the RTR project and meet Johan and his team behind it.