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Custom parts all over

Above: A few custom milled and designed engine parts

Every car builder regardless level of profession knows that to get from idea to finished product craves different amounts of own development. In team Powered By Johan`s Dodge Charger RTR project a ton of details creates the complete product, all from Johan´s own ideas of function and design. All detail design is also truly worked trough with high focus of function and performance. All you hobby builders out there know how easy it is to create hundred of hours  on a tiny detail in your goal to reach your level of perfection. That´s also the case here at PbJ.
If wanted, please share with us of your own car hobby details that more often than less, turns to hour eating monsters but often developes to what we want them to be. The is no short cut to perfection, just hard work!

Below you see a few different details that will be or already are mounted on the car.

Above: Unique door mirror design for the RTR

Above: “One of a kind” rim under production designed by PbJ

Above: subframes for both engine and powertrain for the RTR project.